Goverment Programs

AIM Specialty Health is a leading benefits management company with more than 25 years of experience and a growing presence in the fields of radiology, cardiology, genetic testing, oncology, musculoskeletal skeletal management, sleep management, and other specialties. AIM Provider Portal‘s mission is to ensure that healthcare services are more clinically appropriate, safer, and more accessible.


The AIM Specialty Health (AIM) rehabilitation program is designed to help you provide appropriate, safe and affordable care for your patients. Through effective program communication and training, we are ready to engage you and your office staff in managing the complexities associated with physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services.

AIM is a health benefits company that works with leading insurers to improve the quality of health care, manage the cost of today’s most common and complex tests and treatments, and promote appropriate, safe, and affordable products. Select outpatient services.

Check Out Government Programs

Our government unit helps health plans navigate the maze of Medicare and Medicaid compliance requirements and ensure affordable, evidence-based care for their beneficiaries. Trust our exceptionally skilled team to extend your in-house resources and better manage the complexity of government healthcare programs.

Our extensive government experience helps you stay ahead of an ever-changing landscape and supports positive ratings from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). We regularly monitor CMS updates and ensure quality and compliance through documented CMS-centric training and testing procedures.

Based on our proprietary technology-based clinical review process, which includes state and local coverage regulations, our solutions comply with state and federal regulations.

Focus on government programs

We use a multi-pronged approach to help you meet legal requirements and guide your beneficiaries to appropriate, safe and affordable care. In addition to our review process and support programs, we also provide data-rich information about program performance and practice trends.