For utilization management services, BCBSTX uses AIM Specialty Health, a company that manages health benefits independently. At AIM Provider Portal, our mission is to promote appropriate, safe, and affordable healthcare. As the leading expert service management partner for today’s healthcare organizations, we help improve the quality of care and reduce the costs of today’s most complex tests and treatments.


Healthcare professionals and doctors are at the heart of what we do at AIM. Providing quality care to your patients means maintaining the highest levels of clinical integrity, streamlining workflows, and collaborating.

Radiology, Cardiology, Oncology, Sleep Medicine, Musculoskeletal, Pain Management, and Genetic Testing are among AIM’s growing list of clinical areas where significant cost savings can be achieved.

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Anthem, Inc. (ANTM) owns AIM as a wholly-owned subsidiary. The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) presents its Best Practices in Medical Management award.

Follow The Given Registration Steps

AIM Provider Portal Login users can access its services only if they are registered with the portal. So if you want to access the portal, you need to register. For successful registration on the AIM Provider Portal, follow the steps below.

  • Go to your browser.
  • You can find the supplier portal at www.lieferantportal.com
  • In the login areas of the AIM Provider Portal, when the page appears, click the “Login” button. On the next screen, enter the requested personal information.
  • Your full name must be spelled correctly.
  • After entering your current address, click Next.
  • Then you must provide your valid email address.
  • Click the submit button after entering all the information.

A valid access code will be sent to you via email once you register.

Logging In To The AIM Provider Portal

Now that you have successfully registered on the official AIM Provider Portal. It is very easy for AIM Vendor Portal users to log in with the following process:


  • For more information click here.
  • Login credentials must be entered before clicking Login.
  • It is advisable to confirm passwords only once for security reasons.
  • Click Connect once you have completed this step.

Your login was successful and you can now use all services and benefits.

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